Step into the magical world of Heaven Beach Resort & Spa.

Exciting and special shows, theme parties, gala evenings, morning and evening activities - all that and much more provide endless entertainment and unforgettable moments in this adult hotel. Our Disco Bar will beautify your evenings and nights with daily activities. In Heaven Beach & Spa Resort every moment turns into indescribable pleasure.

Our cheerful and funny animation team organizes several activities and animations for you…

Would you like to share happiness and fun with us? Feel the team spirit and socialize while playing beach volleyball, billiard or table tennis. Our fully equipped fitness center will keep you fit during your holiday. What you shouldn´t miss is our boat trip to the Manavgat river. Enjoy a couple hours in the nature and breathe in the fresh air of Manavgat. Food and drinks will be provided.

  • Fitness Center
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Table Football
  • Boccia
  • Chess & Backgammon
  • Aerobic & Water gymnastics
  • Step & Stretching
  • Air Gun
  • Beach Games
  • Water Ball
  • Animation / Daily activities & Programs
  • Gala Evening (every second week, 15.5 – 15.10)
  • Disco
  • Boat Trip to Manavgat River: once a week, food and drinks will be provided – incl. alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks (weather-dependent)
  • Cinema (upon request, certain time)
  • Amusement Room (table tennis, dart, billiard, hockey table)

Are you ready to enjoy the sun of the Mediterranean, the 100 meter long beach, the sun loungers and parasols of Heaven Beach Resort & Spa? Feel the warm sun on your skin while you make yourself comfortable in our cozy sun loungers and do not forget to try the especially for you made snacks and refreshments. If you want some privacy or a more special service, we will indulge you in our Pavilions. Our staff serves delicious food and drinks for value.

Our Beach

  • 100 meter long
  • Sandy and pebble beach
  • Pavilions (with fee, bookable for only one room)
  • Sun loungers & parasols
  • Beach towel (for free; daily on a card system at spa center)

Turn your holiday into an unforgettable adventure. Feel the wonderful and warm sun on your skin, get a cool refreshment at our outdoor pool and an energy kick at the pool bar.

POOLS  1 Outdoor pool 700 sqm

                1 Indoor pool 150 sqm (heated only by season changes)

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